Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bat Cave

I honestly don't know what other name to name this particular post. Partly because I feel like I've lived in complete isolation for the past couple weeks. Work has been SO busy and by the time I get home, i stuff my face (with whatever my FAB mom cooked...yes, my Mom makes me dinner) and I go straight to bed.

Anyways, to make it up to you all for being such a slacker bloggette, I will now entertain you with a little bedtime Valentine's Day story...

Once upon a time, there was a lovely little couple. The girl is a hopeless romantic who is always daydreaming of being swept off her feet into Cloud 9 by prince charming on a white horse. The boy is a realist who believes in the occasional treat but has the understanding that being practical will get you further in life. Nonetheless, with Valentines Day nearing, Girl pretty much dreamed of what a perfect VDay would be....but then remembered that Boy is not the biggest believer in Valentine's Day so it would likely end up with a card and a kiss...(side note: according the priest at church, St. Valentine was indeed a there's no excuse) WELL, while girl was busy running around taking care of sick patients all day, she noticed the UPS guy with boxes of flowers and other goods. First thought in girls head "PSH!! Surely those must be for one of the other nurses from one of the husbands....must be nice". What do ya know...those boxes were for ME!!!! Yes, right there, front and center on the box was MY name. Who could it be from!?!? None other than MY boy...the very boy who kept telling me that Valentine's Day was nothing but a capitalistic holiday. Yes indeedy, he pulled a fast one on me....and let me tell you, he.did.great. Take a looksie:

Stunningly beautiful roses.

Now what on earth could be in THIS box...a rabbit, some eggs, a turtle?!?


Nuts and Fruit!!!! What could be better?!? BfDeLuxe sure does know me well. Afterall, he knows that if he got me chocolates, I would not only eat every last one...but I would also blame HIM for me eating them.

This turned out to be such a wonderful Valentine's Day. Not only did BFDeLuxe totally surprise me AT WORK but I couldn't have asked for anything more than to be surrounded by my healthy, happy, loving family. Thanks practical, logical boy...ya done good.