Monday, January 31, 2011

My weekend in pictures...

And a few words: So after working a VERY busy Saturday morning at the office, I was practically doing cartwheels out the door to continue what was left of my time off. Can you believe we saw over 50 patients in just THREE hours?!? That's a whole lot. I spent the rest of Saturday with BF De Luxe & his cousin (and his darling girlfriend). We watched Black Swan and cooked an AMAZING dinner. Btw, have you all seen Black Swan?! What an incredibly mind twisting movie. I, of course, LOVED it because I was a ballet dancer for 15 wonderful years.
On Sunday, which is almost always "family day", my sisters and their precious children were at my parents house for a nice, homestyle dinner. What better to way to end the hectic week than relaxing on the couch, in front of the fire, with the pitter patter of FOUR kids throughout the house. Y'all ready? Enjoy a recap of my weekend (in pictures).

Before you know it, the weekend is gone in a blink of an eye....Oh to be a kid again :)

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