Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SNOW day!!

Welllll, not exactly. I unfortunately had a lapse in judgement when I picked a profession that is a 24/7 committment. In nursing, there are no "snow days" or "holidays" clock in and clock out but truth be told, if someone drops down in front of you in public, you can't really turn your head and walk away. TWENTY-FOUR-SEVEN!!

Needless to say, tonight I was home at 5pm, and the snow was in full force. There are already several inches on the ground, the fireplace is crackling, and I have no intentions of going anywhere at all until work again tomorrow what's a girl to do?! EAT OF COURSE.

Tonight for dinner we had Lobster Mac N Cheese :

Boiled Zucchini

and Oven-Baked Thai chicken...

SO good...the zucchini is something I make at least once/week. I get the zucchini fresh from Wegmans, boil them, and liberally put Laconiko Olive Oil + S&P + oregano on them.... AMAZING!!! Then you dig into a bite of super savory lobster mac n' cheese, made with fresh lobster meat and freshly grated Pecorino Romano, Gouda, and Cheddar. The lobster is sweet and the cheese is salty sending your tastebuds on a heavenly ride.

You can't eat dinner without something sweet at the end, right?!

MmMmM...Vegan deliciousness to the ReScUe!!

I hope you all are enjoying your evening, no matter if there is snow on your front porch or not. Until next time...

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