Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sunday Family Dinner

Although over a week late, I promised I would post about last weekend. This past Sunday, my family & I had a big dinner to wish BFdeLuxe safe travels to Greece. It's always so nice when I can spend time with all my favorite people at the same time, under one roof. What a blessing.

Our Menu

Hors D'oeuvres: Feta,Spinach, & walnut-Stuffed mushrooms (from Anne over at
Greek-style bruschetta
Main Course: Homemade salmon burgers with lemon aioli mayo, BBQ ribs, & citrus Grilled shrimp
>Side Dishes: Potato & saganaki cheese skewers
>Dessert: Homemade individual very-berry cheesecake

Spending time with my bf & family at the same time is my absolute favorite thing to do. I know many families don't live close enough to do family dinners each week but it's definetely one thing I couldn't imagine my life without.

On a different note, BF made it to Greece safe & sound...OH! remember in my previous post how I said he is going there strictly for work and no play? I was wrong. He is DEFINETELY hitting up the Mediterranean waters each day (and rubbing it in my face). That little brat!! Gotta love him. I hope he'll send pics soon so I can post them!!

Have a great Monday, everyone!!

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