Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weekend recap

Hey y'all!! Sorry for the halt in blog action. Between the holiday weekend, studying for my boards, and wrapping up a fun wedding weekend, I haven't had much time to blog!!! I hope you all had a wonderful & safe 4th of July.

With that said, let me catch you up on some weekend fun & good food. Living in the DC area has so many benefits such as amazing shopping, food variety, conveniences, 1000 Starbucks withing a mile, etc...but one of my favorite things is that we have access to over 100 wineries just in under a 2-hour drive!! My parents and I packed up and drove to Rappahanock Cellars this weekend. If you're looking for a place to get away from all outside communication, this is it. Located in the beautiful Front Royal area, this winery is a gem!!
We tasted 3 reds & 5 whites + 2 amazing dessert wines. I must say, of the 10 wines I tried, I really was very impressed by at least 7 of them. My wine palate is still in the growing process so I'm sure you Wine-o's would have loved all 10. We ended up purchasing this lovely bottle:
-What makes the Noblesse Viognier different from their regular Viognier is that it is fermented & aged completely in stainless steel barrels. Their traditional Viognier is aged partially in French oak barrels AND in stainless steel. I absolutely LOVED it!! It initially gives off a citrusy scent of lemons & oranges but when you take that first sip you taste fresh sweetness. If you don't live near the metropolitan area you can order this bottle on their website. Check it out!

-How cute is this little barn area?? There are tables & chairs where people can relax, picnic & enjoy some wine.

-I tried to convince BFdeLuxe to get up and sing me a little song on the stage but I'm pretty sure he ignored this suggestion. Stage fright?!

I also want to introduce you to my newest food splurge...homemade wine jelly! Yes, you read correctly. W.I.N.E. J.E.L.L.Y. Best part, during the cooking process, the heat doesn't get high enough to burn off the I guess you could get a buzz if you ate enough jars fast enough. They had 4 different types including Merlot, Chardonney, some other one I can't remember, and Norton. I purchased the latter. It is made with the RC's Norton wine & has hints of spicy cloves & mocha. Trust me, this tastes amazing on peanut butter toast and even better on top of baked brie. Yummmm!!!!

Wine jelly + Glass of wine = Double Whammy!

READERS: What are some of your favorite wineries near you?? What makes them stand out among the rest?? Leave me a comment!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! xoxo, C.

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