Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

There is something so wonderful about an egg. You can use it to make decadent desserts. Or you could simply cook it up any style you wish for a meal. You can have it runny, over hard, over medium, scrambled, omelet, poached, hard boiled...the list goes on! You not only can cook it to your liking, you can also top it with pretty much anything. I've heard of some very interesting combos before. My personal favorite is with ketchup. Since I was a youngin' I remember putting ketchup on my eggs. It's weird because no one else in my family likes them this way.
Nonetheless, when my Dad and I spend mornings together I usually make us eggs. Dad prefers a sandwich, whereas I prefer burrito-style. Here's what we created the other morning.

Dad's Breakfast:
-Started off with some eggs from Costco & Pepperidge Farm rye bread (his fav). He likes his with a little mayo.

-Next I heated olive oil in a pan & cooked up the egg.
-Once I flipped the egg, I added S&P and a slice of low-fat swiss cheese just until it melted.
-Dad really likes virginia ham on his egg sandwiches so I threw a couple slices on there for him. Here is his final product!

Now onto mine (which of course I think is better)...

-Started off with Nature's Promise whole wheat tortilla wraps. These are not only soft, but they are healthy!! Unbleached, unenriched flour AND no high-fructose corn syrup. SCORE!

-Next, I scrambled up my egg (I use the whole egg. I'm not afraid of the "fat" or "cholesterol" in yolks. There are a lot worse foods out there).

-Then I cut up the ingredients for my "burrito". I used canadian bacon instead of ham (less fat, less sodium, more protein), mushrooms (because I'm obsessed), and the SECRET ingredient to what makes eggs the very BEST...avocado!!! Don't knock it til you try it. It will change you.

-Put olive oil in the pan, saute the mushrooms & canadian bacon for a few minutes, then add the egg and scramble just until done (4 minutes or so).
-When done, place eggs & avocado in the middle of the wrap...

-Roll up, and serve with a side of your favorite fruit (mine was with super sweet blueberries today...and of course my daily soy latte from SBX).
I know it's hard to make time for a cooked breakfast each day, especially with how busy everyone's life is these days...but do yourself a favor, when you do have a few spare moments, cook yourself something delicious in the morning. There really is no better way to start the day than with a full belly.

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