Saturday, June 12, 2010

Whiney little WINE-r

Today was a VERY low key Saturday afternoon. While sometimes I really enjoy having nothing to do, it seems that since I graduated in May there have been days upon days of "nothing to do". I'm not sure I like it. Anyways, as I mentioned in my previous post, I woke up after just a few hours of sleep to watch the Greece vs. Korea soccer match...only to see them lose. (Insert disappointment here). Well, I comforted myself with a nice, cold Starbucks latte. Shocking, i know.

After watching the USA vs. England game, however, I found myself face-to-face with boredom again but lacking energy to actually DO anything. What do you think I did next?? NAPPED of course!! And boy did it feel good. I woke up 3 hours later feeling totally renewed & motivated to do something that has been haunting my thoughts for the past month or so...

STUDY!! (Wait, didn't this crazy girl just mention that she graduated?!) YES, I did. But I failed to say that standing between me & my new job are the nursing boards. I'm really not looking foward to them, as I only have one shot at taking them before my fellowship begins. And YES, that is a wine glass next to my book, thank you very much. I'm pretty certain that a little glass of wine while studying makes the information soak into your brain better. Right?!

Anyways, I just bought a FAB new bottle of wine while spending my entire paycheck on 2 bags of groceries tonight @ Wegmans. I thought I was buying a Moscato but accidently picked up a Malbec. Luckily, I loved it!! This is a robust red that hails from Argentina. If you're newer to reds or if you aren't a fan of how strong Merlots can be, I highly recommend a Malbec. Bottoms up!!

Today was a boring food day BUT tomorrow morning I'm preparing a nice, big brunch with my stay tuned for some yummy eats & recipes. Later Taters!



  1. You & me both, girl. Like I said, I accidently bought it thinking it was something else and ended up really enjoying it. As a matter of fact, I shall enjoy a glass tonight ;)


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