Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"What's your flavor...tell me what's your flavor..."

Goodmorning! Today is one of the most beautiful days we have had in a long time. And what better way to start it off by feeding my addiction...my Starbucks addiction! Yes, I admit- I'm not just a regular ol' coffee addict; I'm addicted to the stuff that makes you search your couch cushions for pennies just so you can stand in that never-ending line, wait your turn, and get your 10 seconds of FaMe as you call out what sounds like jibberish. Phew!! That feels much better. So tell me, what is YOUR coffee drink of choice? Here's mine...

An iced, double shot, soy latte (...with caramel drizzle on top) What can I say, love at first sip. In other news, I'm going out for a fancy schmancy dinner tonight at The Palms/Ritz Carlton. I'll definetely be reviewing the food so stay tuned...

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